J.W. Speaker Corporation offers new LED lighting for high speed snow plows


J.W. Speaker Corporation (Germantown, Wisconsin) announced its popular Model 9800 five-inch by 11-inch LED headlight, designed especially for municipal trucks engaged in snow and ice removal, has been upgraded to a new version called to the Model 9800 HS. This LED headlight is built specifically for heavy-duty trucks plowing interstate highways at higher speeds, and is also ideal for residential streets.

The Model 9800 HS offers 33 percent more heating power than its predecessor, thanks to the addition of heating traces to the outer edges of the unit. Its new streamlined lens deflects snow and ice bombardment that typically overwhelms headlights, especially those traveling at high speeds. As a result, this new LED headlight will de-ice faster while countering the effects of “ice bridging” experienced in high-speed plowing.

“This update for the Model 9800 is a natural evolution of our well-received LED snowplow headlight currently being used by nearly half the counties in the state of Wisconsin,” explained J.W. Speaker’s Senior Sales Manager Jason Meyers. “It will deliver superior visibility and safety for snowplow drivers in all kinds of conditions., and it will de-ice faster than any other light on the market.”

Designed similar to the original Model 9800, this new high speed LED headlight integrates the low and high beam, front position, and turn signals in one low-profile package to maintain optimal line-of-sight for drivers. It also features SmartHeat™ technology that automatically de-ices lenses according to temperature change, thus ensuring effective and efficient lighting for safer plowing all winter long.

For more information, visit jwspeaker.com

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