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FMVSS 111 Field of View Conformity Manual and Kit
FMVSS 111 Field of View Conformity Manual and Kit
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Equipment manufacturers, distributors and upfitters that modify vehicles will want to better understand any design implications for truck mounted equipment that may impact rearview camera placement and FMVSS 111 conformance. NTEA's Rear Visibility FMVSS 111 Field of View (Rearview Camera) Conformity Manual and Kit includes a test manual to provide guidance in meeting the requirements of the field of view rear visibility portion of FMVSS 111 and an approximately 22-foot by 12-foot tarp and 60 yards of tape for use during testing procedures. (Cylinders are not included.) The Manual is spiral-bound for ease of use and includes a materials list; a step-by-step test procedure; full-color photos and diagrams; and a test procedure checklist.

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